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Put together a world of very run-down families, families that want more, a pastor with over 25 years experience loving people, four weeks of messages and what do you get?  The answer is a resounding: "Extreme Makeover: Family Edition." A project like today's families involves a team of several hundred designers, contractors, workers and volunteers.  Unlike the popular ABC reality show, these four episodes are happening in YOUR community, and from a church that cares about your REAL issues.  You are the next unsuspecting family that has been chosen for an "Extreme Makeover."

Family feelings run really deep, and each of us have deep down areas that need an extreme makeover.  There are two core questions we ALL need balanced answers to that could lead to some extreme renovation.

  1. Am I loved?
  2. Can I do whatever I want?

If you want to get in touch with Kent, do not hesitate to contact him @ www.pastorkent.com.

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