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Our homes are designed by God to be a shelter during storms, a garden for growth, a place for fun and a launch pad for ministry.  After viewing a hilarious clip from the movie "cheaper by the dozen," Kent gives a great outline for today's family to examine.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Pastor Kent contact him @ www.pastorkent.com.

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This fourth message in a series, Extreme Makeover (Family Edition), Kent shares the top ten places where life makes up its mind.  The place where a person makes life-long decisions are molded and shaped right at home.  Within the home there are many places this happens.  Kent gives the top ten list of areas we live in where we can all use a little extreme makeover:

  1. Facing up to our past mistakes and moving on
  2. Carving out time for close relationships
  3. Relationships are marked by serving and sharing
  4. "Being there" for our children
  5. Affirming courage in our children
  6. Reconciling relationships
  7. Valuing and listening to our seniors
  8. Remembering to Smile
  9. Opening our eyes to a strong faith
  10. Becoming a family of prayer

If you want to get in touch with Kent, you can contact him @ www.pastorkent.com.

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