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Eternal Events

Karen runs a "company" called Eternal Events.

She has a team of people that help her make your next trip, event, mission trip, party, vacation, flight, cruise or hotel stay an "Eternal Event!"  Why does anything we do, whether it is traveling (for business or fun) or putting together a party for a few friends, have to be anything less than the best experience that it can be.  She can get you the best deal on your next trip while giving you the best experience possible.  An Event that will be an eternal one.

She is incredible at planning events for all people, especially for families and children.  She plans all types of events for thousands of people for the City of Howell as the Main Street Event Coordinator.  On her own, she plans private and group events for churches, families, etc.   One of her most famous features that she offers are her foam machines.  Her team arranges, sets up, runs and takes down the Foam Machines for just about any family/community event or for your backyard party.

Contact her at kentkarenw@aol.com for more information and booking your next Eternal Event.

Here is a brief video of just what fun you can have with a foam machine... (you can also watch it on youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ENKTx_UMG4 )

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