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At a recent High School Baccalaureate Message shared at Livingston Christian School, Kent shared the Top Ten Secrets to life!  Based on the truth of Psalm 25:14, there is a life long list of wonderful myteries that God has and will reveal to His children... for starters, Kent takes ten from the top of the secrets of life that God has given him.  Here they are, but you will have to listen/watch to hear the secret of each of them....


Secrets you can’t miss

10.  Get out your coloring box

9.   Raise the white flag

8. Start by sitting together

7.    Watch what they do, not what they say

6. The Friday night solution

5. tell the truth… all the time.

4. The secret of health: Laughter

3. the secret of love, is letting it show

2. the power of prayer, a humble heart

1. The secret of life is letting it go!

Connect with Kent by going to www.pastorkent.com


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