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Pray. Give. Go.

At Christmas each year, many churches remember their International Missionaries.  Jesus called us to Go and make disciples of all nations...  the roll of the church in this assignment is important.  Praying for missionaries and their work, Giving to support missions and Going on mission are all equally important responsibilities.  Pastor Kent helps focus on all three of these privileges.

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  Kent speaks to students in multiple venues each year. World Changers is an international Youth Mission opportunities. Here Kent speaks to students about whether we really expect God to be in our worship services.... a good perspective of what true worship is...

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Sending a missions team to Kenya involves the whole church.  It is important to develop personal partnerships between missionaries and the local church.  This service is one of many opportunities to meet the team.    Click here for video link

How many singles think they will one day get married?  Almost all of them.  How many plan on getting married more than once?  None.  Then why do we go into this process with little biblical consideration.  Relationships.  How to navigate into the most significant relationship you will have with a person in a way that will honor God.  This conversation with College/Singles was appreciated, fresh and biblical.  Our Culture gives us wrong guidelines for this important relationship... worth a listen.

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For some additional sermon broadcast for Television, go to Ashley River Baptist Church.  

On June 21, 2015 I was in Kenya speaking to the church at Masai Corner.  My message that Sunday was, "Building bridges of love that connect people to Jesus Christ and each other."  I shared how my home town (Charleston, SC) and my home church (Ashley River Baptist Church) were similar in many ways to Mombasa, Kenya. Our towns were both Coastal port cities, both separated by a river on both sides.  One difference however, Mombasa has a bridge on the north side and a ferry to the south.  Thus, the illustration of a relationship based on a bridge versus a ferry resonated with them.... 
Rewind... a little background.  Over four years ago, our ARBC missions team began to pray about developing missionary partnerships.  Chris & Lisa Moore (www.real4christ.org) were presented to us by church members who had recently visited there (2011) on a homecoming trip for her, having been raised there by missionary parents, and wanted to show her husband and daughter where she grew up....  After Chris & Lisa then visited ARBC three years ago (2012), we began to plan a mission trip there.  Two years ago (2013) that trip dwindled down for various reasons and was canceled.  My two daughters, Sierra and Sky, were still led of the Lord to go, and they did.  They became messengers of hope and possibility to ARBC, Chris & Lisa visited ARBC again last year (2014) and another trip was forged, this time 12 team members were sent out by ARBC to begin to build this bridge of relationship with the churches and ministries of Real 4 Christ... our first personal, supportive relationship with a cross-cultural missionary has begun.
The hope of the ARBC missions team, and a growing number of ARBC members, is that this relationship will be a bridge of constant hope, love, prayer, support and partnership.  Not a "ferry relationship" with barriers of complication, differences and distance that remain, but a bridge that will connect us personally with each other, on a spirit-led moments notice.
The culminating similarity of our two eastern coastal towns that resonated with the 100's of Kenyans in attendance that Sunday, was the similarity of pain felt...., caused by those who were led by Satan with the intent to "steal, kill and destroy" relationships. Still fresh on the minds of the Masai Corner church was the horrible massacre of over 180 college students (4/2/2015), many Christians, in the town of Garissa, Kenya who were killed for their faith by those with a devious hope to drive fear and division among the Kenyan people. A relationship bridge was developing before us... as I shared about the horrible tragedy and amazing forgiveness of the disastrous killing of godly people in Charleston, SC (6/17/2015).... that too, an effort by Satan to "steal, kill and destroy."  As we wept and prayed together for our Charleston home community, God was still at work building bridges in Kenya AND in Charleston!  After that Worship service (6/21/15), Masai Corner Church, Kenya, held hands, together.. along with those in Charleston who would be holding hands across Charleston when the sun rose there.... building bridges of love to connect people to Jesus Christ and each other.... we connected... a relationship is forged in so much we have in common...

Put together a world of very run-down families, families that want more, a pastor with over 25 years experience loving people, four weeks of messages and what do you get?  The answer is a resounding: "Extreme Makeover: Family Edition." A project like today's families involves a team of several hundred designers, contractors, workers and volunteers.  Unlike the popular ABC reality show, these four episodes are happening in YOUR community, and from a church that cares about your REAL issues.  You are the next unsuspecting family that has been chosen for an "Extreme Makeover."

Family feelings run really deep, and each of us have deep down areas that need an extreme makeover.  There are two core questions we ALL need balanced answers to that could lead to some extreme renovation.

  1. Am I loved?
  2. Can I do whatever I want?

If you want to get in touch with Kent, do not hesitate to contact him @ www.pastorkent.com.

"Why do the stupid things I do seem so smart when I am doing them?"  Looking back, we all have imprints of people and events on our lives that bring us to that "grown-up" place in life.  However, we may have experienced years of maturity, but still need that direction for our life.  Adults and adolescents alike, need people around them to show them the way.  How can we do this?  Kent gives three suggestions that might help us all be better trail guides.  This second in a four part Extreme Makeover series helps us address the changes we all go through in our growing lives, and what is our Life Map look like.

  1. Listen intently
  2. Spend time strategically
  3. Choose battles carefully

If you want to get in touch with Kent, do not hesitate to contact him @ www.pastorkent.com.

This third in our Extreme Makeover series, Kent gives insight into how addictions creap into regular, normal everyday Christian's lives and need God's healing touch.  Interestingly, addictions stream from our every day appitites that lead astray one's moral character.  In short, anything that is done in excess can be categorized as sin (called debauchery) in our lives.  We often hide this struggle or personal pleasure in a trunk, deep in the basement of our mind so no one can see.  Good news, God gives us a clear "basement escape plan."

  1. Reveal your Addiction
  2. Release your Addiction
  3. Re-wallpaper your mind

If you want to get in touch with Kent, do not hesitate to contact him @ www.pastorkent.com.

This fourth message in a series, Extreme Makeover (Family Edition), Kent shares the top ten places where life makes up its mind.  The place where a person makes life-long decisions are molded and shaped right at home.  Within the home there are many places this happens.  Kent gives the top ten list of areas we live in where we can all use a little extreme makeover:

  1. Facing up to our past mistakes and moving on
  2. Carving out time for close relationships
  3. Relationships are marked by serving and sharing
  4. "Being there" for our children
  5. Affirming courage in our children
  6. Reconciling relationships
  7. Valuing and listening to our seniors
  8. Remembering to Smile
  9. Opening our eyes to a strong faith
  10. Becoming a family of prayer

If you want to get in touch with Kent, you can contact him @ www.pastorkent.com.

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